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2012 Counselor Road Tour

The Little Things Add Up In Las Vegas

Gang Is Greeted By 'Safety Lunch Monday'

VisstunThe last stop on the 2012 Best Places to Work Road Tour pulled into Las Vegas on Monday morning to visit supplier firm Visstun/Digispec/Counterpoint. While the crew was a little road-weary, we were quickly awakened by the positive energy one feels the moment they walk in the door at this fast-growing supplier company. It's the little things and consistent culture-building efforts that make this company thrive. Those include birthday celebrations, ice cream float parties, holiday bashes, summer picnics (with families of employees invited), and small celebrations honoring just about anything and everything that happens at the company.

And, there's also Safety Lunch Monday. Walking into the Visstun/Digispec/Counterpoint factory, we're immediately greeted by a hand-written sign on a white board proclaiming that we arrived on Safety Lunch Monday. "When we don't have any accidents for a month in the factory, we buy lunch for the whole company," says Monique Favreau, director of operations, who has been with the company for 16 years. "We had no accidents in all of June, so today is Safety Lunch Monday. It's a small thing, but it's something everybody shoots for."

VisstunIndeed, safety and quality control are areas that this supplier takes very seriously and embeds into the whole corporate culture. Safety signs (some serious, some not so much) dot the landscape in every part of the more-than-200-person office. In fact, the sales office (where safety obviously isn't as big of a concern) even has a sign at the entrance warning salespeople to beware of paper cuts, tripping and back strains from sitting at a desk too long. The company also shares its success with employees, as evidenced by the Keurig coffee machines in just about sector of the company. "We did well last year, so we purchased these Keurig machines for every department," says Paula Piano, director of sales and marketing. "Now, when people do good things, we reward them with K-Cups. It's just something else to shoot for."

And ultimately, it's the sum of all of these efforts that results in a motivated and passionate work force for Visstun/Digispec/Counterpoint. "We're a family and our owner believes when you spend a lot of time at work, it should be a good place to be," Favreau says. "Our people take pride in what they do because we stress that every single person matters and every single person can make a difference in our success."

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