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2012 Counselor Road Tour

Feeling At Home At ETS

You Can Immediately Feel The Warmth And Family Atmosphere That The Staffers Work In

ETSIt may be Sunday morning in Southern California, but the leaders of Top 40 supplier firm ETS Express greet us in front of their building with smiles on their faces and coffee in hand. While this is a company that has more than 300 employees, you can immediately feel the warmth and family atmosphere that the staffers work in. Beginning our tour of the offices, we pass by a blowup replica of the NHL's Stanley Cup in one of the hallways – highly significant in this Oxnard, CA, office because the local Los Angeles Kings just won the NHL championship.

"We pass it from department to department," says Sharon Eyal, one of the company's leaders and owners. "It's a little fun thing we do to build camaraderie."

And there are a lot of those types of fun things done all the time around ETS, which was founded by Ely Eyal in 1984 and is now run by his children, Sharon and Taly. It's a company, though, with limited management and both Sharon and Taly say they work hard at creating an environment with limited management and one that promotes people making their own decisions and owning their own work.

"Our crew and our people make our company great. Our employees are just so good," says Sharon, while we stroll through ETS's 150,000-square-foot facility. "We don't micromanage anything. I refuse to operate like that, where management dictates everything that goes on. I really believe that our company runs well on its own because of that. Everyone here really is their own boss."

That culture has certainly brought success to the firm, as it has grown its revenues by more than 150% in the past four years, increasing sales from $18.3 million in 2008 to $46.2 million in 2011. "I expect that we'll close $52 to $53 million this year," Sharon says. "There's a constant energy here and we have a good time. It's a collaboration among the whole staff. Everybody's input is valued and that teamwork helps the company succeed."

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