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2012 Counselor Road Tour

Happy Hour at iClick in Seattle

The Traffic Was Intense, But The Wait Obviously Worth It

iClick ToastOne had to question the Road Tour crew's itinerary when they decided to drive into Seattle at rush hour on Friday. Let's just say plenty of Seattle-ites were navigating the local roads on Friday afternoon, as we were trying to make our way into the city. The traffic was intense, but the wait was obviously worth it once we arrived at iClick to check out the cool culture at this supplier firm.

Just our luck, Friday afternoons are Beer Fridays at iClick, where the company's 45 employees soak up some local beers and snacks. Of course, after a long drive, we're game to jump right in with them. "It's a great way for us to end the week," says Reggie Gonzalez, iClick's director of sales and our tour guide for our visit. "It allows us to spend some time with each other and wind down a busy week."

Melinda at iClickFor iClick, though, the employee camaraderie is practically constant. Everybody on the administrative, customer service and sales staffs works in a wide open, loft-like space with everybody in a low-walled cubicle. People are constantly sharing information and interacting. "The office layout really helps us work together," Gonzalez says. "We get to see what others are doing and anybody can step in for anybody else very easily."

All staffers get to share in each other's successes too. Immediately outside of the sale area resides a large gong on the wall. Whenever an order of more than $10,000 is booked, the rep responsible promptly walks over to the bell and hits it with a stick as hard as possible. It's the company's version of the big-time cash-register, and it causes enough of a ruckus in this unique environment that everybody hears it. "We all just get up and start cheering whenever it gets rung," Gonzalez says. "Basically, everything stops for that very brief moment. It's fun, but it's also a chance for everybody to feel like they're a part of our success."

iClick in SeattleIndeed, collaboration and employee interaction is vital to the success of this supplier firm, which is a dog-friendly company and has music playing publicly all day long. In fact, that's another way individual staffers are honored here. Each employee gets to choose the music they want played at the company for a single day – and it's determined on a rotation basis so everybody gets a chance.

In fact, the perk is so important that on this day we turned the volume down to record a quick video, and when we were done, we didn't immediately turn it back up. "Reggie," one voice shouted out. "Turn the music back up!"

Done. Back to work – and Beer Friday – everybody.

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