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2012 Counselor Road Tour

Tales From The Back Seat: Flexibility On The Road

Traveling Across Country With Two Others Is Not Without Its Challenges

Traveling across country with two other souls is not without its challenges. Can we go here? Can we go there? Are we there yet? Is this the right road? What did the GPS say? Etc. Etc. Etc. What I’ve discovered is that above anything else you need to remain flexible. I guess that’s why I don’t say anything when we hear that Maroon 5 “Payphone” song … again. Seriously dude, where are there any payphones anymore?

But, when it comes to flexibility and adaptability, well, Andy, Melinda and myself, we are the champs. On our long, and I mean long, nine hour drive from Michigan to Wisconsin, we needed to break the time up a bit. We really didn’t want to hit Chicago rush-hour traffic, so we stopped for a little bit of wine tasting. Who knew Michigan was wine country? We tasted about five wines each, but not to worry, the taste size is between a thimble and a half a shot. We toasted each other and how awesome we are and even took a picture of bald Andy with a bald eagle. Relax, he knows he’s bald.

So, happy with our little side trip we hit the road again, ready to get to our destination, but you know that rush-hour traffic we wanted to avoid? Found it. An hour and a half to navigate through the Windy City. Worst part? I was sitting on the driver side and the sun was bearing down on me. I felt like an ant under a big magnifying glass. But, my ability to adapt kicked in and I made a sun screen from the front page of the USA Today. Good old America ingenuity.

Finally as we arrived to our destination, we had to find something to eat. Funny thing, everything closes at 8 or 9 and we rolled into town at 8:35. Thankfully we found a pizza place that was only in the process of shutting down and after Melinda was put into her place by a 95 lb 16 year old we were able to get a few slices and a few beers. Had we decided that we needed something bigger, we most definitely would have struck out. Thankfully, we were ready to roll the punches even though Melinda was ready to throw a few. We held her back.

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