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2012 Counselor Road Tour

Warm Welcome in London

Talbot Marketing Is Clearly A Company That Has Its Act Together

Counselor Road TourTalbot Marketing is clearly a company that has its act together. Two of us were admittedly groggy as we pulled up to the company’s brand new 25,000-square-foot headquarters late Tuesday afternoon, but we were quickly awakened by the welcoming claps—all in unison—of about 25 Talbot employees who were lined up at the door. Clad in matching polos emblazoned with the company’s logo, the employees wore identical smiles and all had something to say about why they gave Talbot high marks as a workplace.

While many lauded the company for its hands-off management style and willingness to let employees let off steam once in a while (they already broke in the new outdoor space with a picnic), the overwhelming reason most loved to come to work was the frequent collaboration with one another. Case in point: The customer service team has frequent “process improvement meetings” whereby any employee, no matter what level, can chime in on how to make the next order better.

Another source for collaboration, led by marketing coordinator Duong Tran, is a company intranet which is updated regularly with supplier exclusives, a sales leader board, and selling tips from company employees and key suppliers. Tran, who also coordinates the company’s social media efforts (he’s got a TweetDeck up on one computer at all times), says it’s the company’s way of fostering a “sense of community,” even for the company’s 50+ reps who are spread throughout Canada.

That sense can be seen throughout the building, whether in accounting, IT, and customer service, where one woman Mary Ann Romyn is so enthusiastic that she’s clad in Talbot purple, from head to toe. “I’m so happy to be here I just can’t believe it,” she says.

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