2012 Counselor Road Tour

Idea-Sharing in SoCal

At first glance, one might think the employees at Clegg, a 25-year-old maker of products that light up and make fun sounds, are party animals.

Meet Chief Party Animal Michael Bistocchi »

Milk Bones in Bellevue

Sunrise Identity has obviously gone to the dogs.

Meet The Folks At This Dog-Friendly Distributor »

The Personal Touch

It's one thing to be friendly with the people with whom you work. It's quite another to actually be friends with your co-workers.

Get To Know The Folks At Toronto-Based White Paper »

Tales From The Back Seat

So we just spent eight days traveling cross country. We were in and out of Canada twice in two days.

Observations From Seat 25C»

The Little Things Add Up In Las Vegas

The last stop on the 2012 Best Places to Work Road Tour pulled into Las Vegas on Monday morning to visit supplier firm Visstun/Digispec/Counterpoint.

Gang Is Greeted By 'Safety Lunch Monday' »

Feeling At Home At ETS

It may be Sunday morning in Southern California, but the leaders of Top 40 supplier firm ETS Express greet us in front of their building with smiles on their faces and coffee in hand.

You Can Immediately Feel The Warmth And Family Atmosphere That The Staffers Work In»

Beer & Clamato for Breakfast at Image Group

Want to work at Image Group? Develop a thick skin.

Trash Talking Is Just About Constant At This Vancouver-Based Distributor»

Happy Hour at iClick in Seattle

One had to question the Road Tour crew's itinerary when they decided to drive into Seattle at rush hour on Friday.

The Traffic Was Intense, But The Wait Obviously Worth It»

Three’s Company at Wov-In

True family spirit is the secret to success at Wov-In -- a Jackson, WI-based company where the road tripping editors check out a costume contest and meet the self-proclaimed "Mrs. Clay Matthews."

"We Really Are Like Family Here"»

Hot Tailgate at AIA

The grills were roaring and the root beer flowing when Counselor’s road trip team visited AIA Corporation on one wicked hot summer day.

"We Like To Have Fun Here"»

CSE: Where “Work Doesn’t Have to Suck”

At CSE, flip-flops, a graffiti room, tailgate parties, and free soda daily are all the embodiment of owner Tom Savio’s simple but results-generating business philosophy: Work doesn’t have to suck.

"I Really Believe You Work Better When You're Comfortable"»

Tales From The Back Seat: Flexibility On The Road

Wine tasting, pictures with bald eagles, and a near scrap with pizza parlor employee highlight the editorial trio’s 9-hour road journey across the Upper Midwest.

Traveling Across Country With Two Others Is Not Without Its Challenges»

Hog Dogs & Beer at 9 a.m.

Beer and hot dogs were on the breakfast menu at LogoVision, where passionate employees propel each other to success with hard work and a fun spirit.

Meet The Folks At LogoVision»

“Fowling” and Food With the Chamberlain Crew

In Taylor, MI, Counselor’s road trip team discovers they could use some “fowling” practice -- as well as the secret behind Chamberlain Marketing Group’s success.

Meet The Folks At Chamberlain Marketing Group»

Warm Welcome in London

Talbot gets high marks for employee collaboration, a sense of community and fierce company pride.

Talbot Marketing Is Clearly A Company That Has Its Act Together»

Genumark: “Hotel California” in Canada

Ice-cream sundaes, a sweet swagatorium and a sunny vacation-day policy help keep the staffers at this Toronoto-based firm smiling.

Meet The Folks At Genumark»

We Walk the Line

This New York-based firm knows how to motivate employees and also does a swell impersonation of the original man in black – Johnny Cash.

Meet The Folks At Motivators»

Snacks For The Road

Tins of goodies provide much-needed fortification after a 400-mile-long drive for the next leg of the trip.

Meet The Folks At Mid-Nite Snax»

Breakfast in New York

Bellinis, bloody marys, mimosas – a breakfast of champions for this laid-back company – during the first stop of the 2012 road tour.

Meet The Folks At Axis Promotions»

Counselor's Best Places to Work Road Tour Kicks Off!

Here at Counselor, we've started our eight-day adventure across the country and into Canada. Where are we going? In search of cool workplaces, fun offices, and unique business environments.

This Year's Tour To Begin In NY»