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Private Payrolls Likely Higher In September

Powered by improvement in the construction and services sectors, private companies in the U.S. added 162,000 new jobs to their payrolls in September.

Small, Medium-Sized Firms Driving Force »

FTC Strengthens Green Marketing Guidelines

Aiming to crack down on deceptive claims, the FTC has released an updated set of standards for the marketing of so-called "green" products.

Consumer Advocacy Groups Hopeful Updates Will Reduce Greenwashing »

San Francisco Expands Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

San Francisco has now begun enforcing a ban on single-use plastic bags in retail stores.

Customers Now Charged 10 Cents Per Paper Bag »

Small Business Lending Increases

Small business lending is on the rise in the United States, indicating that greater economic growth could be in the cards a quarter or two down the line.

Borrowing Was Up 10% In August Over A Year Earlier »

Number Crunch - Write Position

Who loves promotional pens the most? The data points to middle-aged Hispanic women.

See The Infographic Here! »

Golden Age Of Pens

In the age of electronic communication, when we keep each other informed through e-mails and texts and tweets and Facebook posts, Brad Turner believes it's a renaissance of sorts for the old-school writing instrument.

Q&A With Brad Turner Of The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association »

An Antidote to Ordinary

In a world of antibacterial consumer products, can a germ-fighting promotional item win over end-buyers? Suppliers say yes, but they realize challenges still lie ahead.

Research Proves Pathogens Can Be Transferred By Pens »

Writing on the Wall

Write it down: The popularity of pens is unquestionable.

Five Trends Impacting The Writing Instrument Market Right Now »

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