Power of Promo Products

Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study V. 4 Released

Impressions StudyGroundbreaking research from ASI proves the ROI of every product category and the global reach of ad specialties.

Need to prove to clients that promotional items work as an advertising vehicle? Try this stat: 86% of U.S. consumers say they remember an advertiser that gave them a promotional product.

Think Super Bowl and Oscar Award marketers can say they get the same recall? In fact, studies have shown that television ads garner a recall of less than 50% of the people who even saw an ad – and that's not counting the many people who simply changed the channel, hit fast-forward on a DVR, or took a trip to the fridge while commercials were running.

That 86% recall number is a powerful statistic among hundreds of important data points uncovered in this year’s version of ASI's Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study. On the following pages, you’ll find information about how consumers in various parts of the world view promotional products, the cost-per-impression of ad specialties, and a wealth of data to prove to clients and prospects exactly why promo items can successfully help them to market their companies and connect with their customers.

Go to www.asicentral.com/study for more on this year’s survey.