Survey: E-Mail Marketing Usage Increases

Nearly 60% Of Small Business Actively Using It

 E-Mail Marketing Usage IncreasesAs a business tactic, e-mail marketing is one of the leading lead-generation strategies for small businesses today, according to a new study. Nearly 60% of small businesses actively try to grow their e-mail marketing subscriber lists "at all times," according to the report from Constant Contact. The online marketing company based its findings on a survey of 717 businesses and nonprofits. Additionally, the study found, 44% of small businesses say encouraging repeat business is the primary reason they use e-mail marketing, while 39% revealed that relationship-building is the primary factor for growing their subscriber lists.

"List growth, and the business benefits that come with it, are clearly on the minds of small business owners today," says Christopher M. Litster, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Constant Contact. "They realize that engaging customers is a key aspect of both maintaining relationships and finding new ones – and one of the best ways to do that is through e-mail marketing."

At Robyn Promotions (asi/309656), e-mail marketing is an important component of the Oklahoma City-based distributorship's sales-building strategy. "It's our number-one marketing tool," says Bobby Lehew, chief branding officer. Robyn uses e-mail to do everything from introducing new items to sharing customer success stories that the distributorship has helped engender with its ROI-producing products and services. "Because buyers may shut down traditional channels of communication like the phone and in-person meetings, you have to rely on marketing," says Lehew. "And, if you can gain access to their e-mail inbox and offer them something compelling, you can get their attention."

Further, the Constant Contact survey showed that more than two-thirds of respondents train employees to request customer contact information. More than 90% of small businesses gather e-mail addresses online using sign-up forms on their websites, while 46% of respondents use online sign-up tools to collect e-mail addresses on Facebook. Meanwhile, 64% of businesses ask customers for contact information directly. "There are a host of ways that small businesses can grow their contact lists, both online and offline," says Litster.