Norwood & BIC Worker Arrested Over Alleged Threats

James Fremont Nickels, 21, Charged

ThreatsAn employee of Counselor Top 40 supplier Norwood (asi/74400) & BIC Graphic North America (asi/40480) is facing felony charges after allegedly threatening to kill his co-workers at the company's manufacturing plant in Red Wing, MN. James Fremont Nickels, 21, of Lake City, MN, was arrested and jailed last week after a plant supervisor called police. Nickels now faces charges of making terrorist threats, stalking and disorderly conduct.

According to a report in The Republican Eagle, Nickels had been suspended last Tuesday for making a sexually harassing remark about another employee. Nickels was given permission to wait in the company's parking lot for another employee who he had carpooled with to work. Sometime soon after, a supervisor called police when told by Red Wing workers that Nickels had been threatening to "blow this place up, stab people and shoot people."

The Republican Eagle also reports that Nickels approached co-workers and said, "Sad how much thought I have given to killing you all." Another employee told the supervisor that Nickels "talks about killing every day," and has said he would slash people's tires so that they wouldn't be able to get away.

Nickels reportedly told police that he was simply teasing co-workers. "As a joke, I mentioned about killing a few people," Nickels said. Nickels says he does not have weapons at home and only carries a pocket knife for jobs at work. He also told officers that he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but has recently stopped taking his medication, according to a police complaint cited by The Republican Eagle.

Reached by Counselor last night, a Norwood & BIC spokesperson declined to comment on the incident, as the investigation is still ongoing. Nickels' first court appearance is scheduled for June 14.