T-Shirts Generate $500K For Bombing Victims

Over 31,200 T-Shirts Sold For Charity

T-Shirts Generate $500K For Bombing VictimsNick Reynolds and Chris Dobens were about to head down to the finish line of the Boston Marathon last week when they found out about the bombings. As the events of that tragic day unfolded, the two Emerson College students pondered a way to help the victims. The idea: charity T-shirts with the slogan "Boston Strong." Cueing up Google for a T-shirt printer, they found Ink to the People, a Milwaukee-based decorator that prints user-designed T-shirts if a minimum number are sold. Reynolds and Dobens designed the T-shirt and set the minimum at 110. As of press time, over 31,200 have sold, generating nearly $500,000 for The One Fund charity, set up by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

"The real story is these two college kids using this platform we built and being super successful with it," Marshall Atkinson, COO of Ink to the People, told Counselor. "We feel a little silly talking about our platform."

The royal blue T-shirt features gold lettering that says "Boston Strong" in all capital letters. The colors represent the official colors of the Boston Marathon, and the name is a nod to the Livestrong charity and its widespread unifying message. "We came up with the phrase ‘Boston Strong' as a way to show support to our community," said Dobens, an 18-year-old freshman majoring in marketing. "We are grateful to be able to contribute and in our own way help the victims of this tragic day."

Ink to the People agreed at the outset to donate 100% of the sales from the first 1,500 shirts sold to charity. After that, $5 of the $20 price point went to the printing of the shirt, with the remaining $15 given to charity. "When Nick and Chris approached us with their idea, their hope was to make a small mark and help those in need with their T-shirt fundraiser," said Jay Berman, principal of Ink to the People. "This tragedy in Boston hits close to home and we wanted to help give back."