Obituary: Donovan Fry, J&A UK Limited

He Was 79

Obituary: Donovan FryDonovan Nelson Fry, co-founder of World Emblem (asi/98264) affiliate J&A UK Limited, died on Wednesday, February 6. He was 79.

Fry, after partnering with World Emblem founder Jerold Carr in the late 1970s, quickly helped expand J&A's production and offerings. Soon, the company moved from creating screen printed logo badges to producing embroidered emblems, transfers and many other decorations. Under Fry's guidance, J&A also acquired significant clientele throughout Europe. Fry retired in 2007, but the firm remained a family-owned operation. The business is controlled today by Fry's son Charlie and Carr's two sons, Jamie and Randy.

Fry is survived by his children Simon, Katie and Charlie, their spouses, as well as eight grandchildren. Funeral services for Fry were held on Tuesday, February 19, in Skegness, England. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, a charity Fry was greatly involved with throughout his life.