Hurricane Sandy Coverage & Updates

More Than 40 Industry Companies Affected

Hurricane SandyDistributors and suppliers all along the East Coast have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy and its remnants this week, leading to temporary closures, service disruptions and delayed orders. In reports to Counselor since Monday, more than 40 industry companies have acknowledged significant issues due to Sandy.

As the storm continues to push northward into Canada, six million people in the U.S. are still without power and electric companies have warned that repairs could take one week or longer to finish in many locales. Property damage could also total more than $50 billion after assessments are completed, according to experts.

In an effort to keep you updated on the latest industry-related information regarding Sandy, Counselor has created an announcement page on ASICentral where companies can relay pertinent news. If you have an announcement you’d like us to include, please e-mail that information to You can also post pictures to ASICentral's Facebook page.

Counselor will maintain a Sandy announcement page at throughout the upcoming days and during the recovery process.