Boxercraft Announces Resignation Of CEO

Boxercraft Has Not Named A Replacement For Sutlief

BoxercraftAtlanta-based supplier Boxercraft (asi/41325) has announced that CEO Charles A. Sutlief has resigned from his position, effective immediately. Boxercraft has not named a replacement for Sutlief, although the company has tapped Coining, Inc. CEO Gary Holcomb to "provide management direction" on a temporary basis.

"Boxercraft has a strong team in place to lead the organization during this transition," said Patten Pettway, Jr., partner at River Associates Investments, LLC, a change-in-control advisory firm. "Boxercraft will continue to provide customers with industry-leading service, trendsetting apparel and creative decorations."

According to a company statement, day-to-day operations at Boxercraft will be managed by a committee that includes Holcomb, as well as company executives Chris Giles, Shelley Foland, Marion Parkes and Don Blessent.

Sutlief has served as CEO at Boxercraft since July of 2011 when he replaced the supplier's founder, Jon Carroll. Boxercraft has not said why Sutlief left the company.