Molenaar And CPSC Recall Product

The Item Is Molenaar's Folding Step Stool

MolenaarMinnesota-based industry supplier Molenaar (asi/71980), in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has announced a voluntary recall of 3,700 plastic folding step stools that pose a fall hazard. The beige and brown stools are 13 inches high, were made in China and were available between March and May of this year. "This was a brand new product for us starting in March," says Stephanie Jasso, customer service lead for Molenaar. "When we did some additional testing, some higher impact testing, we found that there's a chance the stools could break."

To date, Molenaar has received no reports of injuries caused by the stools. The supplier has contacted every distributor that received the stools and has asked for the items to be returned. The CPSC is also urging consumers who have the stools to stop using them immediately and return them to the business that's advertised on them. Besides the color and height of the recalled products, consumers can recognize the items by looking for a carrying handle, a single step and imprinted logos on the side panel beneath the top of the stools. Molenaar has plans to destroy all of the returned stools.

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