Apparel Trends in the Promo Market

"Younger People Are So Individualistic"

Apparel Trends in the Promo MarketMark Trotzuk, owner of Vancouver-based supplier Boardroom/ECO Apparel and an industry leader in the area of product sustainability, shared with attendees at the third-annual Power Summit Canada that prints, plaids and bright colors will be trending in the next year and that as more members of Gen Y and Z join the workforce, they will completely upend the idea of what constitutes a "company uniform."

"Younger people are so individualistic and they value uniqueness and originality so much that they not going to want to wear tan khakis and a black Polo shirt so they look like everyone else," Trotzuk said. "Companies need to look cool to attract young staffers."

He also pointed out the trend of doing fabric trims and how flower and colorful prints can be incorporated in linings and trims. "Subtle accents are more interesting than bold ones – things that draw the eye but are barely noticed," Trotzuk said.

For trend-spotting inspiration, Trotzuk looks to furniture and auto designs, architecture and global street fashion, such as what young people in Tokyo wear when out with friends. "I'm constantly fascinated and inspired by how certain pieces combine to form an incredible style," he said.

Click here to watch a video interview with Trotzuk following his session at the ASI Power Summit Canada.