Exclusive Survey: Corporate Gift-Giving Increases

$43 Per Client

Corporate Gift GivingCorporate buyers of promotional products are planning to increase their spending on gifts to employees and clients by an average of $5 this holiday season, according to a just-released exclusive survey from ASI. The study, which was conducted in October and included more than 300 corporate end-buyer respondents who had final purchase authority over their company’s holiday gift-giving programs, shows that 62% of companies are planning on giving gifts to clients or employees this year. The remaining 38% of companies were still undecided when surveyed in October or had decided to not give out gifts this year.

Of those giving gifts to clients, though, they’ll be spending an average of $43 per client, which is an increase from last year’s $38 per customer. That $5 spread is the same increase that respondents said they’re planning on when it comes to gifts for employees, as they’re spending an average of $50 this year compared to last year’s $45.

Further, the survey shows that 68% of the gifts that end-buyers give out this holiday season will have their company’s logo on them, and 42% of respondents said all of the gifts they hand out this year will include their logo. So, what do they look for when deciding what to give? Attractiveness, durability, and utility of the products they choose are of paramount importance, survey respondents said.

When it comes to what buyers plan to give out as gifts this year, gift cards are the top choice for employee gifts and food items are the most popular gifts for clients. Following edible gifts, end-buyers are looking at desk accessories, writing instruments, and calendars as the next-most-popular products that they’re planning on giving out as gifts this holiday season.

The ASI survey also asked respondents to reveal the best corporate holiday gift that they’ve ever given or received. “I give packages each holiday season to about 350 people with an array of items,” said one real estate executive. “They are usually inexpensive, but people appreciate them.” While many respondents cited food, gift cards, and apparel, one buyer in the commercial contracting industry said, “We gave all our employees tool sets, which they loved. But, the jackets we gave made everyone the most happy and most of them still use them today.”