Promo Products Commemorate Diamond Jubilee

Brits Buying Up Branded Red, White And Blue Memorabilia

Diamond JubileeRoyal garden gnomes, Union Jack-emblazoned vacuum cleaners and crown-printed mattresses are just a few of the hundreds of promotional keepsakes for sale in Great Britain this week as the nation celebrates Queen Elizabeth's 60-year reign. Much like last year's royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee is being marked by days of celebration in and around London, where Brits are buying up branded red, white and blue memorabilia.

"The royal wedding had huge appeal, but this is even better," Nuala McGourty, retail director of the Royal Collection, told news agency AFP. "It appeals to people who want a souvenir that will go up in value, something they can pass on to their grandchildren."

Already, more than 30,000 promotional tea towels, 15,000 tankards and 14,000 pill boxes have been purchased in-person and online, boosting British retailers. Food and clothing chain Marks and Spencer said it has sold more than 200,000 jubilee teacakes, 50,000 cookie tins and 31 miles of bunting. Apparel items like scarves, T-shirts and hats have also been popular with consumers, while more whimsical products like corgi umbrellas, jelly molds and ice cream scoopers have also generated interest. "Anything with a Union Jack on it is selling like hot cakes," Matt Compton, a buyer for supermarket chain Tesco, told the Associated Press. "This is the biggest week we have had since the Millennium in terms of party sales."

With Great Britain having recently fallen back into recession, strong sales of promotional products, both during the Jubilee celebration and the summer Olympics, are expected to benefit a contracting economy. The Centre for Retail Research predicts that consumers will spend 307 million pounds ($472 million) on Jubilee and Olympic souvenirs this year. "There's something for everyone," designer Lydia Leith, told the AP.

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