Counselor Commentary: Mixing Creativity With Utility

Traditional Marketing With Creative Spin Gets Noticed These Days

Andy CohenMarketing experts and pundits today always say one thing to anyone who will listen: Stand out from the crowd. In other words, do things that make customers remember your company before they remember competitors. But often that’s a vague mantra that leads companies to try stunts that tend not to work.

Rather, traditional marketing with a creative spin is what gets noticed these days. Take Nivea, for example. The skin-care-products maker recently launched a print ad campaign mixed with a promotional product element mixed with a high-tech twist. Print, online, and promotional product in one effort? Yep, it’s doable.

In promoting its sunscreen products geared toward children, the company is running a print ad this month that contains a strip that can be torn out and placed around a kid’s wrist. The band, acting as the most useful promotional product imaginable to parents on the beach this summer, can then be connected to a mobile app (search on the App Store or Google Play store for Nivea Protégé) so that parents can get an alert on their phone when their child strays too far away. Indeed, the print ad turns into a wearable promotional item that connects to a mobile app.

Go here to watch a video explaining the whole concept.

It’s brilliant – and it fully integrates a few different advertising media (print, online, and promotional product) into one campaign that not only surprises the company’s target audience, but also provides a service that those same constituents will find useful. It’s the essence of successful marketing today – an advertisement that gets noticed, used, and remembered.

Now, that’s how you stand out from the crowd of competitors.