Counselor Commentary: Get Mobile Or Get Passed

You Need To Do This For Your Business

Dave VagnoniBy the end of this year, tech firm Cisco predicts there will be more mobile-connected devices on Earth than people. Go ahead and let that sink in for a minute. Now, pick up your smartphone and Google the name of your business. What comes up? Hopefully, your website does. Now, if you don’t have a website, get one. It’s really not that hard. OK, back to your phone, and this is important: When you open your company’s website on your phone, how does it look? Is the font big or small? Are images loading quickly or is your browser mocking you with a blank white screen? Does an easy-to-read menu come up or does the page resemble a half-put-together jigsaw puzzle?

At this point, you know where this is going. If the website looks great and is optimized for mobile, then you deserve congratulations. If you don’t know what mobile optimization means, then you’re not alone – but you are behind. So here’s your choice: Get comfortable in the back of the pack or start catching up to the leaders by leveraging mobile technology. Seriously, you can do this. For your business, you need to do this.

Before we move on, let’s keep it real. Big companies want you to think mobile is too complicated for you to understand and you don’t have the resources to have this turn out well. Not true. Here’s an example. Check out, which helps you turn your standard website into a mobile one. There’s a do-it-yourself option that’s cheap and a pricier choice that takes all the work out of your hands and then spits out a mobile site for you. Either way, the cost is something small businesses can handle. You can shop around, too, and take a look at and Soon, you can impress your friends and say your site is mobile optimized.

But, you’re not done. There’s another easy way to take advantage of mobile trends. Stop and consider the number of e-mails you get every day. Don’t think too hard – it’s a ton. How many business-related text messages do you get? Yup, not as many. So, if you want to bypass the clutter of e-mail spam land, shouldn’t you be texting customers? There are Web services for this, as well. Google and Bing are your research friends, or you can ask Siri for info if you’re into that. Anyway, imagine how cool your company would be if it automatically texted customers when orders are done. Imagine sharing new products or services via text. Imagine texting appointment reminders to help your sales team with prospects. The possibilities are endless.

Listen, whether you take action or not, mobile is a big part of the future. In the upcoming June issue of Counselor magazine, we’ll have more ideas for ways you can leverage this technology. But, get going now. The race is on. Where do you want to finish?