Survey: Marketers Want Data To Drive Programs

Particularly Optimistic About Mobile Marketing Opportunities

ROIA new study from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) shows that marketers are increasingly implementing campaigns that are driven by data and that prove the return on investment of each effort. For the third consecutive period, marketers in the United States said their investments in data-driven marketing (DDM) are generating increasingly profitable returns. In light of that improved performance, marketers say they’re increasingly implementing data-driven campaigns over other marketing efforts.

“Confidence in data-driven marketing is growing steadily as profits increase,” said Linda Woolley, DMA’s president and CEO. “Thanks to the unprecedented amount and quality of data now available, marketers are able to garner intelligence from consumer data more quickly and seamlessly than ever before. As a result, [end-customers] also receive tremendous benefit, including vastly improved customization and relevance.”

The survey, which was conducted in conjunction with consulting firm Winterberry Group, showed that more than 75% of respondents are confident in their data-driven marketing efforts, including nearly half who say that their data-driven marketing will expand significantly in 2014. The study also reported that marketers are particularly optimistic about mobile marketing opportunities, as investments in the mobile channel increased sharply in Q3, even outpacing social media investment rates for the first time this year.

“Improving performance may be a good sign for more than just marketers’ financial returns,” said Jonathan Margulies, managing director at Winterberry Group. “It’s clear that profitability breeds confidence, and as marketers are both financially stable and confident in their future business prospects, they may be more likely to begin testing new solutions for audience engagement.”