Promo Close-Up - Lucrative Launches

A Distributor Reaches An Emerging Audience

Lucrative LaunchesDean Schwartz, founder of SOBO Concepts LLC (asi/329592), knows how to create products that appeal to Hispanic markets. He started his company managing the online shop,, which sells T-shirts and other items made by top Latin brands and designers.

As the site gained more and more credibility, Schwartz won larger deals, even developing a relationship with Mun2, a Hispanic cable channel owned by NBC Universal. “We started with them many years back, helping them launch a TV show called The mun2 Look,” says Schwartz. “In addition to creating T-shirts and other products, we actually organized a Surropa/mun2 pop-up store in South Beach as well as a launch party.”

Although the event was a tremendous success, Schwartz is now putting his energy into product design and development. His latest marketing project is the launch of a new reality TV show called Larrymania, based on the life of Mexican singer Larry Hernandez.

The client asked for two products – one geared toward advertisers and the second toward consumers. “We presented various ideas for both agencies and mun2 viewers, and they settled on the bobblehead and the leather wristband,” says Schwartz. “For the bobblehead, they sent us a photo and we worked with the factory in China to get everything perfect. I think we sent through three different changes after the first pre-production sample was sent. The biggest issue was getting his goatee 100% correct, as this was very important for the artist.”

For the wristband, Schwartz knew mun2 wanted to include the show logo and the mun2 name, but the client craved a little more pizzazz as well. He developed five different designs and mun2 picked one. “We designed a custom leather bracelet with the show’s logo and custom debossed pattern,” says Schwartz.

According to Harvey Briggs, a marketing consultant who’s developed campaigns for Chevrolet, Kimberly Clark, Kraft and Pepsi, Schwartz and his team demonstrated SOBO is more than just a fulfillment house. By producing custom designs and seeing the project through several revisions, SOBO showed off an array of strong services. “They offer true collaboration and consulting that adds value to the process and lowers the client’s stress because they know the program will be executed flawlessly,” says Briggs.

Briggs also believes that the campaign succeeded because Schwartz and his company were able to craft ideas that connected the client’s brand to his core targets. “Offering more than just clever ideas, Schwartz’s expertise in the Hispanic market gave him the credibility to execute a focused program,” says Briggs. “Another key driver of success was attention to detail. They didn’t just order the bobbleheads and drop ship them to the customer.”

SOBO produced 250 bobbleheads and 2,000 wristbands, generating revenue of about $5,800. Both promo items were huge hits. “SOBO Concepts has been a great partner,” says Sarah Castellvi, marketing coordinator at mun2. “They truly understand our brand and are constantly providing interesting and creative ideas for our corporate and consumer premium needs.”