Case Study - Different Kinds of Pinterest Boards

Get Three Examples Here

PinterestIn her blog post, "28 Creative Pinboard Ideas From Real Brands on Pinterest," Pamela Vaughan, inbound marketing blog manager for HubSpot, lays out real-life examples of businesses that have successfully gained followers on Pinterest.

The most obvious type of board for most small businesses might be what she calls a Products and Services Board – though, Vaughan contends, that may not be the best way to attract positive attention from fellow Pinterest users. "You can create a board where you pin all your different products and services," Vaughan says, "but I think what works better for brands is less 'Here are our products,' and more 'This is our lifestyle that also reflects our brand.' There’s a lot more to being successful on Pinterest than just pinning your products and services."

Here are three examples of boards that Vaughan cites:

1. Customer Success Board. "These can be testimonials of people that have used your products or services, and love you for it."
2. Philanthropy Board. "FedEx has a community involvement board where they put images of their employees out volunteering."
3. Video Board. "You can pin videos on Pinterest, as well," Vaughan says. "Some people create video boards that could be about their products or anything else."