Promo Close-Up - Charitable Endeavors

One Distributor Shines Working With A Nonprofit Client

Fight NightOne distributor shines working with a nonprofit client.

Kimble Bosworth, co-owner of Proforma Printelligence (asi/491390), recently helped organize a charity "Fight Night" event for Not Alone, a nonprofit that provides services to soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Not Alone's public relations representative has worked with Bosworth since 2009 on various projects.

When Not Alone decided to hold the Fight Night event to raise money for soldiers, organizers contacted Bosworth because of her experience with promotional products. Fight Night featured amateur boxers who were sponsored by local businesses to raise money for the organization. It was held near the state capitol in political season, so the headline matchup was the Democrat-sponsored fighter against the Republican-sponsored fighter.

Bosworth guided the Not Alone staff through promoting the event, managing ticket sales and providing promotional items. She met with the PR firm and the main event sponsor, Advance Financial, for a brainstorming session. "The theme was already chosen, but all other components of the event were discussed," she says. Specifically, they discussed how the PR firm would promote the event, decorations and fundraising.

The group decided that Bosworth would provide two websites: a mobile website for generating information in sponsorships and a website with an event information landing page, ticket information and sponsorship info. She also would provide apparel for the boxers, which included tank tops and satin boxing robes, as well as apparel for sale to the public (gray T-shirt with a full-color front and back imprint). Finally, there were giveaways designed to appeal to the large volume of military and Congressional members who would be attending the event. Custom die-struck military coins were used as VIP gifts. All told, the event generated $6,000 in sales. "In this case, the company was able to rack up a sale of $6,000 as well as shine a spotlight on its ability to offer multiple solutions to clients," says Bert Martinez, a marketing and business expert.

Bosworth has partnered with the PR firm for several years, mainly working on nonprofit promotional opportunities – a win-win for both sides. "Since we started our business, we have held special pricing for all of our nonprofit customers," Bosworth says. "It was especially important to all of the people who worked on this event to help Not Alone. Next year, we are expanding our in-kind donations to further offset the event costs."

Martinez praises Printelligence for both its attention to detail and understanding of the big picture. "Bosworth demonstrated that they can manage complex events and on-time delivery," he says. "They demonstrated their ability to add value without adding additional cost to their client. And lastly, they demonstrated their values by providing special pricing for their nonprofit customers."

Martinez encourages other distributors to follow the Printelligence formula and seize on multi-level opportunities. In other words, provide the chance to make a sale, be seen doing good, build brand awareness, interact with hundreds of business and political leaders, and mention sponsors who understand the value of marketing. "Very few sales or clients afford us that many opportunities in just one sale," says Martinez. "The company didn't just deliver promotional items – they delivered value that exceeded the $6,000 in sales." Martinez sees many companies that deliver $6,000 worth of value for $6,000. "The secret to getting and keeping clients is to deliver $8,000 or even $10,000 of value for the same $6,000," he says. "That's what makes you indispensable to your clients. And that's a good strategy to emulate."