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27 hot products in the spotlight.

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With jaw-dropping talent and off-the-charts creativity, these 38 ad specialty luminaries give new meaning to the phrase "game changers."

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When you're at the helm of a company, regardless of size, the pressure to provide top-quality products and services for clients and motivate employees can seem like impossibly Herculean tasks at best.

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Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. Blogs. Videos.

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When some think of salespeople, the stereotypes still come to mind: hucksters and slicksters, fast-talkers and snake oil-peddlers.

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Marketers tend to get short shrift behind the much-lauded salespeople and company owners often lionized and profiled by the press.

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If there's one question that defines this industry it's "What's New?"

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Person of Year - Kevin Lyons-Tarr

When you call 4imprint's (asi/197045) toll-free number, the first voice you hear belongs to one of the company's real characters – the guy who tends to take on a lot of the odd jobs.

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