Sizing - Special Dimensions

An Apparel Program Can Go Awry If Distributors Don’t Understand The Sizing Needs Of Their Clients.

Sizing - Special DimensionsOne of the most vexing aspects of any promotional apparel program is providing the right range of sizes. When garments are intended to fit a large and diverse audience, there are going to be vast differences in the sizes required to fit each person properly. You’ll need a wider selection of sizes than XS to XL.

That’s why promotional apparel suppliers are expanding into specialty sizes that are cut in proportions more favorable to different body types. A petite pant, for example, will have a shorter stride and inseam for women who are under 5’4”. A tall size pant might be cut with a longer rise and inseam length. Shirt-sleeves and shirt tails will be lengthened as well. Tall sizes can be applied for either women or men; they are typically indicated for women over 5’9” or men taller than 6’2”.

SanMar recently announced its 2014 apparel catalog will carry the industry’s largest selection of Talls. “We’re putting a stake in the ground regarding Talls,” says Lee Strom, senior marketing manager at SanMar. “With 75 tall options in full-color runs, we hope to comfortably outfit every member of the team, allowing for a more unified look.”

There’s more about specialty sizing than just height, however. Garment manufacturers and apparel brands are all catching up to the fact that Americans have gotten bigger and are in need of plus sizes. An NPD study found that more than two-thirds of the 7,500 women who participated in the survey consider themselves “special size” customers. They aren’t looking for an entirely different brand or line dedicated to their body type. What they really want is plus-size clothing in the same brands, colors and styles that are offered to smaller women.

The same is true for women receiving promotional clothing or uniforms. They want to be outfitted like their more petite counterparts to feel part of a team. Furthermore, offering plus sizes in a promotional style makes it possible for companies to maintain a common identity among its staff members.