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Looking For A Unique Wearable Accessory To Pitch? Check Out Mirrored Sunglasses.

Mirrored SunglassesSunglasses are having a "reflective" and trendy moment. Mirrored sunglasses are making waves in summer fashion, appearing in a variety of lens shapes, sizes and colors.

"Mirrored lenses are very hot right now," says Aaron Bradley, sales and marketing director at American Greenwood Inc. (asi/35500).

Retailers and designers alike are featuring these reflective "sunnies" as a must-have for the summer. H&M and Forever 21 offer mirrored sunglasses in hues of pink, yellow, purple and blue as part of their summer lines. The tabloids are littered with photos of celebrities donning designer brand versions of these reflective shades from labels such as Marc Jacobs and Ray-Ban.

"Anytime you have celebrities wearing a certain style, it will inevitably show up in the younger markets," says Bradley.

American Greenwood is featuring promotional mirrored lenses in its current product lineup. The supplier offers two styles of the glasses: Wayfarer sunglasses, called "Hipsters," and aviator-style sunglasses named "Pilots."

"We are always keeping an eye on trends; you have to if you want to be successful in this industry," Bradley says.

He views sunglasses as one of the most successful giveaways a company can offer. "When people are wearing sunglasses, they are usually having a good time, whether it's on the beach, on a boat, or in a car with the top down," he says. "If people see your brand name when they are having a great time, then they will automatically view your brand in a positive way."

Another positive aspect of sunglasses' sales is that they're not just appropriate for a few niche markets. Although the most likely candidates might be event planners, outdoor festivals and company picnics, a variety of sectors can be good matches for sunglasses. Bradley believes that as long as the sunglasses are in style, you can sell them to any company that is working to gain recognition.

"If you give out sunglasses that people will wear," he says, "you will get unlimited mileage for your brand."