Sizing - Apparel with the Right Fit

A Review Of Different Sizing Factors To Consider

Apparel with the Right FitSize isn't only about smalls, mediums and larges. It has to do with the cut and tailoring of a garment. Ultimately, these details significantly influence how well a garment fits a variety of promotional recipients.

For example, in general, women are more figure-conscious than men. Look for flattering cuts that enhance their body shape. Lauren Cocco, senior merchandiser for Vantage Apparel (asi/93390), points to the bust darts featured in Vantage's women's ¾-sleeve solid textured shirt (1241) as an example. Other design features that affect fit include princess seams to accent the curve of the body or raglan sleeves that provide comfort and drape attractively.

End-users' expectations are also important. "Clients and end-users can guide how the garment will be worn," Cocco says. "Is it a fashion piece or a business uniform? Is it sized long enough to tuck in? Is it full enough for athletic and physical activity?"

Look for choices that allow for adjustment such as Vantage's Stormer waterproof jacket (7330). "Adjustable options are critical for ultimate comfort and ease of movement," Cocco explains. "This jacket has half-elastic sleeve cuffs with Velcro closure and an open bottom with cordlocks that allow the wearer to loosen or tighten the cuff and bottom opening."

Similarly, the elasticity of a garment can accommodate body shape for a perfect fit. Another example: The micro-mesh knit body fabric used in the Vansport Omega Solid Mesh Tech polo (2600) has inherent stretch for ease of movement and an attractive shape and drape.

Finally, remember people come in all shapes and sizes, so work with apparel brands that design silhouettes for the greatest population. Cocco advises that you use manufacturers that do live model fittings on real people to reflect real customers. Ask for a brand's published sizing guides, so you can gauge whether they've actually done this work and also see how that supplier's sizes match up to those of others.

And, inquire whether the supplier offers complementary styles in plus sizes or big and tall. By working with such a supplier, you'll achieve better fit for end-users and happier clients.