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Indiana Distributor Company Takes Both Work And Play Seriously

Indiana distributor company takes both work and play seriously.

JH Specialty

On any given day at JH Specialty (asi/232445), based in Fort Wayne, IN, you might find communal food in the breakroom, beers being cracked open, employees sampling new Xbox games or playing corn hole out back. But don’t be fooled. Yes, they like their play part, but this is a motivated, productive and successful crew.

John Henry III (right, along with COO Jason Knothe) started the company while in college in the late ‘90s and it has been growing fast ever since, including a record first half of 2015.

Along the way, though, Henry makes sure to treat his employees well. Every other Wednesday, the company holds a luncheon for employees to eat and relax. Plus, a Community Involvement Committee comes up with fun events, including a bacon-themed challenge last summer based on the TV show Chopped that required use of the meat in a drink, entrée and dessert.

“The main thing is the Golden Rule,” says Henry. “Treat people how you want to be treated.”