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Niceness matters for new hires at this South Carolina supplier firm.

Best Places to Work

At Credential Express (asi/47204), personality counts – a lot. The supplier, based in Greenwood, SC, hires people based on it. “We believe in interviewing for niceness as much as qualifications,” says Chief Operating Officer Karl Ziegler (right), here with Travis Brewington, the company’s marketing manager whose father owns the company. “We can train people to do certain jobs.” As a result, employees join the company and rarely leave. As an example, one woman, a customer service rep, started working at Credential nearly 20 years ago when the firm she was working at burned down. Two other employees have had spouses join the firm. And, few employees are actually in the original roles they were hired for. One woman started as an intern and now works for the sales department; another went from IT into customer service. “We look out for one another,” says Brewington.

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