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2012 Counselor Road Tour

Hog Dogs & Beer at 9 a.m.

Meet The Folks At LogoVision

Counselor Road TourAs we stroll into the doors of LogoVision, we expected to see employees clutching coffee cups and morning papers. Instead, they were holding chili dogs and beer from Kid Rock’s famed American Bad Ass beer label, while Journey’s Steve Perry belted out ‘Separate Ways’ over the stereo in the background.

Turns out the dogs were no ordinary hot dogs—but Coney dogs, which are quite the big deal in the Detroit area. “You gotta try one of these,” said account executive (a.k.a. chief hot dog girl) Jennifer McCallion, who’s donning a paper hat and doling out the dogs. McCallion is a typical LogoVision employee, it turns out: Passionate about her job, and ready to pitch in wherever she is needed.

It is employees like McCallion who make Logovision special, according to co-owner Penny Van Horn, who bought the business last October with a partner. A certified women-owned business, Van Horn says the company is so successful because it “picks employees really well,” hiring only those who have a passion for what they do, are tolerant for others, and are super outgoing.

LogoVision caters to a number of different markets—the automotive and casino business are huge for the company—and everyone seems to pull together to get the job done. That was evident to Van Horn last May when the company was flooded by vandals who activated a sprinkler system, and computers and office spaces were underwater. Within about six hours, employees were working at makeshift work stations and making the best of it. “We didn’t miss a phone call,” Van Horn says proudly.

But that’s all water under the bridge (pardon the pun). Today the employees are celebrating their spot on the Counselor Best Places to Work list, and there’s beer to drink and hot dogs to eat. “Cheers, drink up!” says McCallion. And we do.

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