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SOI 2012 - Geographic Analysis: Canada Leads the Way

Privately, many ad specialty salespeople and executives will tell you that "eco-friendly" and "sustainable" make good buzzwords, but they don't make them any money. If there was a "green" trend, they say, it's over.

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Canadian Distributors Reported Better Sales In 2011 »

SOI 2012 - Marketing: More to Spend

Got a little extra marketing money hanging around? Join the club.

Distributors Expect To Increase Their Marketing Spending This Year »

SOI 2012 - Pay Habits: No More Net 60

It has been common for some distributors to wait 60, 90, even 120 days for clients to pay their bills.

Clients Are Paying Faster Than Ever Before »

SOI 2012 - Purchasing Habits: Price Matters

Distributors have to face a new reality: Price is job one for buyers.

Here's How Some Are Adapting »

SOI 2012 - Rising Markets: Rx for Increased Sales

After a comparatively weak 2010, both the health-care and pharmaceutical sectors saw a sizable share of business return in 2011.

Health-Care And Pharmaceutical Markets Are Big Winners For Promo Sales »

SOI 2012 - Falling Markets: On the Decline

The education and financial/insurance sectors both took hits on their shares of the ad specialty market in 2011, due to tightening budgets and growing scrutiny of their marketing expenses.

Education And Financial Markets Drop From Their Perch »

Counselor State of the Industry 2012

Impact of elections. The rise of the health-care market. The fall of the financial market. The proliferation of price-shoppers. An increase in marketing spending. Improved pay habits.

This Year's Survey Identifies 10 Trends That Are Shaping Business Today »

SOI 2012 - Supplier Multi-Million Dollar Roundtable

Presenting the 2012 Multi-Million Dollar Supplier Roundtable.

Get The List Here »

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