Counselor State of the Industry 2012

This Year's Survey Identifies 10 Trends That Are Shaping Business Today

SOI 2012Impact of elections. The rise of the health-care market. The fall of the financial market. The proliferation of price-shoppers. An increase in marketing spending. Improved pay habits.

What do all of the above have in common? They're part of the most important trends currently facing ad specialty distributors. If there's one thing a State of the Industry report should do, it's to create a direction for companies to follow. On the subsequent pages, that's exactly what we do.

Call them themes or trends or developments or movements, even. Ultimately, they're 10 factors that are changing how industry companies conduct business and interact. With trends ranging from the business growth expected from elections and the opportunities presented by increased marketing spending to the challenges of customer segmentation and how to deal with price-shopping clients, the following reports delve into the concepts by presenting data, as well as interviews with business experts and industry professionals.

It's a wealth of information – all pointing the way, showing where the whole industry supply chain (clients, distributors, suppliers) is headed and how it'll get there.