2014 Counselor Awards

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We honor 10 winners of the 2014 Counselor Awards, the most exclusive accolades given in the ad specialty market. Check out their stories.

Person of the Year - Norman Hullinger

Norman HullingerA name change for any company is major change. But how about for one that’s the largest in the industry? One that has had the same name for decades? And one that has integrated acquisitions and other brand names into its operation? .
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International Person of the Year - Suzanne Worwood

Suzanne WorwoodSuzanne Worwood, vice president of merchandising for Counselor Top 40 distributor 4imprint (asi/197045), got her start – considering the magnitude of what she’s responsible for now – in the most fortuitous of ways.
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Distributor Entrepreneur of the Year - HDS

HDSNo. It’s a defeating word – one that Howard Schwartz has encountered too many times in the two-decade lifespan of HDS (asi/216807).
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Supplier Entrepreneur of the Year - Admints & Zagabor

Admints & ZagaborBrett Hersh and Steve Weissman were partners of a company in the health-care field before selling it off in 1999. In their search for another venture, they hatched a small-but-powerful idea: a branded box of mints.
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Marvin Spike Lifetime Achievement Award - Gary Hellinger

Gary HellingerGary Hellinger, CEO of Gary Plastic Packaging Corp. (asi/55990), could have been milking cows for a living, but changed course after he decided the life of a dairy farmer wasn’t for him.
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Bess Cohn Humanitarian Award - Raman Agarwal

Raman AgarwalThere are some people who are driven to give. Their goal is not to simply have a prosperous business, but to reach within their depths to elevate those in extreme poverty. Raman Agarwal is one of these people.
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Supplier Woman of Distinction - Billie Staton

Billie StatonMentors are often a major topic of discussion for award winners, and with Billie Staton, owner of Top 40 supplier Staton Corporate & Casual, there was no hesitation when asked who her mentor was: mom.
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Distributor Woman of Distinction - Cindy Jorgenson

Cindy JorgensonYou would think – considering that she’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, swam with whales, cage-dived with great white sharks and repelled through cavernous waterfalls – Cindy Jorgenson is a charter member of the Justice League.
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Distributor Family Business of the Year - Grossman Marketing Group

Grossman Marketing GroupFew family businesses reach the century mark. But count Grossman Marketing Group (asi/215205) among that elite circle.
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Supplier Family Business of the Year - Lion Circle

Lion CircleIt was 1984 when Phil Carollo saw the first of his four children, Philip Jr. (Jay), join Lion Circle. Like his father, Jay also started in the shipping department, learning the business from the ground up.
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