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Survey: Small Businesses Back Wage Hikes

Amid reports that the Obama administration is directing the Labor Department to force American companies to pay more to employees in overtime, a new survey shows that small business owners are in favor of the previously proposed minimum-wage hikes for American workers.

57% Support Raising Minimum Wage To $10.10 »

Owner Optimism On The Rise

While doubts persist, small business owners are growing more optimistic about the direction of the U.S. economy.

41% Believe Economy Headed In Right Direction »

Tempo Acquires Ribbon Badge Line

Supplier firm Tempo Industries announced yesterday that it has acquired the assets of APN Corporation, the makers of the Ribbon Badge Line.

Financial Terms Of Deal Not Released »

Commentary: Why Wearables Tech Is The Future

By 2016, the wearables technology market is expected to be valued at $10 billion – about half the size of the ad specialty industry.

See The Future And Embrace It »

Staples, Inc. Announces Q4 Financials

Massachusetts-based Staples, Inc., the parent company of Counselor Top 40 distributor Staples Promotional Products (asi/120601), has reported its sales for the quarter ended February 1, 2014, decreased 10.6% to $5.87 billion.

Closing Up To 225 Retail Stores »

American Apparel Reports 2013 Sales

Despite a weaker Q4, Counselor Top 40 supplier American Apparel (asi/35297) has announced its total 2013 sales increased to $634 million, a year-over-year rise of 3%.

Sales Increased To $634 Million »

Chicago To Reconsider Plastic Bag Ban

City councilors in Chicago could soon vote on a new measure that would ban retailers from distributing single-use plastic bags, according to a legislative leader.

Chicagoans Use An Estimated 3.7 Million Plastic Bags Each Day »

Obituary: Walter Jung, PSI

Walter Jung, the founder of Europe’s PSI Institute and PSI Tradeshow, has died.

He Was 79 »

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