Study: Friday Is Ideal For Marketing E-Mails

Consumers Highly Responsive On Friday

Friday MarketingA new study released by software firm GetResponse shows that out of the five days of the workweek, marketers send the fewest number of e-mails on Friday – just 14.9% of their weekly total. While marketers send so few e-mails on Fridays, consumers are actually highly-responsive on the last day of the workweek, opening 19.6% of e-mails. In fact, the worldwide marketing e-mail click rate is the highest on Friday, according to GetResponse results.

The study showed that e-mail inboxes worldwide receive the most e-mail marketing material on Tuesdays (17.9%), followed by Thursdays and Mondays. During the study period, consumers opened 19.9% of the marketing e-mails received on Tuesday, more than they do any other day of the week. But, consumers also opened nearly one out of every five Friday marketing e-mails, producing the second highest e-mail open rate of the week.

Nicole McNamee, director of new business development at POP Solutions (asi/359180), acknowledges the importance of good timing in sending e-mails. She watches closely what days she tries to connect with customers and prospects digitally. "Tuesdays and Fridays have better response rates for us," she told Counselor. McNamee agrees that Friday is a good time to e-mail, but warns to "send before 3:00 p.m. CST because people take off later in the day."