Hispanic Market, Cable TV Lead Ad Efforts

Spanish Language TV Saw 13.5% Increase In Ad Spending

Hispanic Market, Cable TV Lead Ad EffortsWhile traditional advertising outlets continue to lag, a couple of sectors are shining, according to a new survey from Kantar Media. In Kantar's survey about media spending in the U.S. in the first quarter, cable television continues to thrive, with ad dollar growth of 5.2% in the quarter. The main bright spot for the sector, though, can be found in ads that are targeted toward Hispanic audiences, as Spanish language television saw a 13.5% increase in ad spending and Hispanic magazine advertising grew 12% in the period.

Overall, though, Kantar's survey finds that ad spending on traditional media outlets struggled to grow in the first quarter of 2013. Total advertising expenditures in the first three months of the year declined by .1% when compared to the same time period in 2012, falling to a total of $30.2 billion.

"It has been a lackluster start for 2013, with flat year-over-year results due in part to strong 2012 growth caused by political and Olympic ad spending," said Jon Swallen, chief research officer at Kantar Media North America. "Data from the early second quarter is mixed, suggesting marketers are still being cautious and conservative with ad budgets. However, there are some bright spots, including healthy growth for Hispanic media and outdoor advertising."

Among the declining media sectors, network radio fell by 15.2%, national newspaper ad revenues dropped by more than 9%, and network television decreased by 5.2%. As ad revenues in these traditional media sectors declined in Q1 2013, sales for ad specialty distributors increased by 5.7% in the same period, according to ASI's Quarterly Sales Survey. ASI will release its second quarter report next month.