Social Media On Menu At Distributor Success Lunch

Panel Shares Strategies For Success

Social MediaThe main advice for distributors attending yesterday's Distributor Success Lunch at ASI New York: Get involved. Now. "It can be such an important tool in everything you do in your business today," said Larry Cohen of Axis Promotions (asi/128263), who was one of the session's three panelists. "We're in a relationship business, and social media is a great way to make contacts and engage with an audience."

The lunch panel, which was moderated by Counselor Editor Andy Cohen, also included Jason Robbins of ePromos Promotional Products (asi/188515) and Fran Ford from supplier firm Castelli North America (asi/44305). In an animated and informative discussion, the panel shared strategies for the types of content to provide in social networks and the ways in which each company can make it a part of their everyday marketing and sales strategies. "We've done some great YouTube videos that we share on our website and through social networks," Ford said. "We find it helps to use video to explain the types of products we have in our line and how they can be sold. That's something distributors can also do in their online social media efforts."

Robbins made the point that every company that uses social media needs to find their own voice and engage with their target audience in unique ways. "Don't do it if you're just going to copy what others do," Robbins said. "Get involved by creating your own personality online. That's what people want to engage with. Provide interesting information that they can use in their business, and try to do it in a fun way."

Counselor caught up with Larry Cohen following the session to find out about his company's unique strategy for using Pinterest in its social media marketing efforts. Click here to watch the video.