Romney Increases Lead In ASI Poll

Romney Is Now Ahead 65%-37%

Mitt RomneyRepublican nominee Mitt Romney has widened his lead over President Barack Obama in the October poll, released today. Romney is now ahead 65%-37%, expanding his advantage among ASI members by a full 10 points compared to the initial poll, conducted in September. Last month, Romney led by an 18-point margin, 57%-39%. A possible reason for the gains by Romney could be his performance in the presidential debates, as 74% of ASI member respondents said debates are important to them in deciding a commander-in-chief.

While Romney has extended his margin, there continues to be an opinion divide between distributors and suppliers in the ASI poll. The majority (66%) of distributors overwhelmingly support Romney (by 33 points), but suppliers prefer Obama. Similar to numbers from last month, Romney supporters are more likely than Obama supporters to be owners (68%-31%), senior executives (72%-28%) or sales reps (56%-42%). Respondents who back Obama are more likely to work in customer service (55%-45%).

Romney is the preferred candidate among ASI members who are men, holding a 51-point lead over Obama (75%-24%). The former Massachusetts governor also wins support among ASI members who are women, holding a 29-point lead over the president (64% vs. 35%). In considering voting preferences by age, ASI members in all standard groups prefer Romney over Obama, but the preference grows as the member age category increases; 67% of those under age 29 choose Romney, while 76% of those over age 65 prefer him. A growing number of respondents also now believe Romney will win the election. About 68% think Romney will capture the White House, up dramatically from just 52% who felt the same way last month.