Geiger Launches Carbon Neutral Program

Deal With UPS An Environmentally-Responsible Program

Geiger deal with UPSCounselor Top 40 distributor Geiger (asi/202900) announced that it has signed a deal to take part in UPS's carbon neutral program. The contractual relationship with UPS is an environmentally-responsible program in which Geiger offsets the carbon impact of its UPS shipments. "This is a very important step for Geiger in our quest to green as much of our operations as possible," Jo-an Lantz, executive vice president of Geiger, told Counselor. "We want to be a sustainable company, and we've been looking for the right kind of program to move us forward."

Under the contract with UPS, Geiger has been measuring the carbon footprint of its shipments (both inbound and outbound) for the past year. Moving forward, UPS will calculate the carbon footprint of each of Geiger's shipments (including drop shipments through UPS), and then Geiger will purchase offsets that equal the amount of each delivery. Offset projects include re-forestation, renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectric), methane and landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and destruction of industrial pollutants. UPS's carbon calculation methodology and processes are certified by The CarbonNeutral Company and verified by Societe' Generale de Surveillance (SGS).

"Geiger's decision to provide its customers carbon neutral shipments is a demonstration of its commitment to making all of its operations sustainable," said Arnold Barlow, UPS's senior manager of sustainability solutions. "We are pleased to be a part of their mission to be an environmentally-responsible company."

Lantz also said that Geiger's new carbon neutral shipping program through UPS is an effort that its clients will notice immediately. "On the packages and deliveries that we control, we're going to place markers that identify the program and show that they're carbon neutral," she said. "We're the first company in this industry to do this, and we think it's something that our larger clients are particularly interested in. We're hoping other businesses in this market will research this and move in this direction, too."