Proforma Introduces Guarantee For New Members

“We Are Putting Our Money Behind Our Promise"

Proforma Introduces Guarantee For New MembersTop 40 distributor Proforma (asi/300094) announced yesterday that it is introducing a 100% guarantee for new distributor owners who join its member network. The new program guarantees that Proforma will return 100% of the service fees a new member pays upon joining if the new member isn’t completely satisfied with their business within their first six months of joining Proforma. The new policy states that owners can request a refund, leave the system and continue to own all the customer accounts they brought with them.

“We are putting our money behind our promise,” said Greg Muzzillo, founder of Proforma, in a statement. “Proforma is the only organization in the industry that can offer a 100% guarantee because we are the only $500 million leader with unrivaled purchasing clout and the proven resources to help owners succeed. We know we have the best industry programs and resources to make it happen. I’m excited to share our proven system, which only Proforma can offer, with the rest of the industry.”

In addition to the new 100% guarantee, there is no upfront investment for experienced industry professionals to join Proforma, requiring new owners to pay only standard service fees. It’s something many in the network say they are capitalizing on. “In just our first year with Proforma, we grew our sales by $1 million. We added another $2 million our second year, and now we are on track to achieve our first $10 million year in 2016,” said RJ Strauss, co-owner of ABC Printing Company, powered by Proforma. “Having the flexibility to give Proforma a try before making a financial commitment made it an easy decision to join.”

Proforma ranked last year as the second-largest distributor in the Counselor Top 40. The company reported to Counselor that it attained 2014 North American ad specialty sales of $373.4 million, an increase of 7.3% over the previous year. For more information about the company’s new-member guarantee, go to