Michaels Inspires Long Beach Attendees

Tips On How To Succeed In Business

Jillian MichaelsJillian Michaels grew up an overweight, depressed kid who was bullied in school, yet became an internationally known trainer on “The Biggest Loser” and now head of a healthy living empire. She shared her inspirational story at this morning’s keynote at The ASI Show Long Beach, and offered advice for attendees to lead happier lives and succeed in business.

The native of Los Angeles says her life changed at 13 when she discovered martial arts, thanks to her mother. The love of her mother and the close bond she formed with her martial arts coach propelled her to eventually earn her black belt and totally change the outlook of her life. “Having a few people who support, care and believe in you is critical for your journey in life,” she said.

Michaels started work as a trainer in her early 20s, and after a detour into a “real job” that she wasn’t happy with, she returned to fitness and was able to open her own gym at the age of 29. She told attendees they can succeed by following their passions, but advised them to educate themselves before taking a leap. “The more security you seek in life, the less you will have,” she said. “The more risks you take, the more wealth and abundance you will find.”

For people making a change in their lives, Michaels says the catalyst is inspiration, but that continued success is found through motivation. She identified it as “the Why” – a goal that pushes you to stay the course. “If we don’t have that purpose to carry us through,” Michaels said, “you will be depressed and exhausted. You have to have that ‘Why.’”

Counselor caught up with Michaels today to get more self-improvement and motivational tips you can use to build your business. Click here to watch the video interview.