Staples Survey: Business Owners Optimistic

87% Of Owners Optimistic About 2015

Staples Survey: Business Owners OptimisticSmall-business owners are feeling bullish, a new study shows. The survey from Staples Inc., parent company of Top 40 distributor Staples Promotional Products (asi/120601), revealed that 87% of small-business owners are optimistic about their companies’ chances for success in 2015.

To capitalize on the potential in the marketplace, small businesses plan to use promotional marketing (46% of respondents), better organization (38%) and software technology upgrades (35%). Owners aim for these tactics to help them achieve their top three goals: increasing revenue (76%), driving profits (70%) and gaining more customers (70%).

Conducted for Staples by Research Now, the national survey revealed a number of additional interesting insights about the mindsets of American small-business owners. For instance, about 80% said they want to use vendors that offer rewards and points that can be put toward future purchases. Relatedly, nearly nine out of 10 said that they search for bargains in their personal and business lives.

Many owners are also hoping that their current success will allow them to do more for their employees. About one-third of respondents want to provide bonuses, while 29% would like to give workers raises in 2015. Other top priorities for small-business owners include improving their marketing strategies and growing business by expanding the types of products and services they can offer clients.