Education Events Kick Off PPAI Show

Now In Its 13th Year In Las Vegas

PPAI ExpoPPAI’s 2015 Expo started its week-long annual event with thought-provoking, idea-generating content. “Revenue Through Relationships” was the topic of the luncheon keynote session led by business guru Troy Hazard. A keynote general session was led by marketing innovator Jeremy Gutsche, CEO of TrendHunter, a crowd-sourced incubator of global creative ideas.

Gutsche addressed a capacity crowd on the topic of “Better & Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas,” which delved into marketing strategies he’s implemented with such clients as the CEOs of Victoria’s Secret, Coca-Cola, Sony, IBM and Walmart. He touched on overcoming the psychological traps that block people from achieving their goals, and specific patterns of opportunity.

“Always be on the lookout for overlooked opportunities,” said Gutsche, who later told the inspirational origin story of his father, a natural-born entrepreneur and charismatic character. “My father always taught me to be insatiably curious and to have a willingness to destroy – meaning [having] the guts to kill a product that’s not working.”

Danny Rosin, president of Raleigh-based distributor BrandFuel (asi/145025), pointed out the value to the industry of education sessions like Gutsche’s. “Informed buyers today need much more than the lowest priced product; they desperately need an educated and informed sales pro to guide them through the sales process,” said Rosin. “Those who invest in continuing education in our industry earn respect and trust from their clients. It’s the key differentiator in a competitive selling environment.”

PPAI’s show, now in its 13th year in Las Vegas, officially opens today and runs through Thursday. “We’re providing a myriad of innovative platforms and opportunities for industry professionals to grow their business and substantially enhance their network of contacts,” said Paul Bellantone, president/CEO of PPAI. “The reason the show continues to attract the industry’s most creative promotional experts is that we believe in evolving with the marketplace.”