Wozniak Forecasts Technological Future

Innovator Changed Computers Forever

The WozSpeaking to a standing-room-only crowd at ASI Orlando this morning, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shared his vision for the future of technology and provided some advice for budding entrepreneurs. He also took a bit of a wistful walk down memory lane, as he recounted his early days of creating Apple’s first personal computers, which changed computing forever.

“Computers were in my soul, there were no books about them, so I was self-taught,” said Wozniak, during his Q&A format keynote session, which was moderated by Tim Andrews, ASI’s president and CEO. ‘I was such a geek, I had no chance for a girlfriend or a wife or parties, so I came home at night and designed stuff.”

In the session, which took place on the last morning of ASI Orlando, Wozniak also provided some technology predictions for the future. He told the audience that he expects tech items and accessories to begin to operate solely at the direction of people’s voices. And, he can foresee a time when cars drive themselves and people’s homes are so connected that homeowners can talk to turn lights on and lock doors.

“Now, you see people speaking into their phone like it's their friend,” said Wozniak. “I like that we can speak to computers in a human way. Maybe we won't make machines conscious. If we do, I really hope they take good care of us.”

Counselor editor Andy Cohen caught up with Wozniak just before he went on stage to find out his predictions for business and technology in 2015 – and beyond. Click here to watch the video interview.