Supplier Recalls USB Charging Cables

Manufactured In China

USB Cable RecallAs first reported in a Breaking News Alert last week, California-based supplier Tectron International (asi/90699) has voluntarily recalled about 55,000 USB charging cables due to a fire hazard. The Chinese-made cables were sold as part of school fundraisers between July and August of this year for about $3.50 each. There have been two incidents in which the cables melted, but no injuries have been reported, according to a statement from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Reached by Counselor, a Tectron representative did not offer comment. No ASI-listed distributors were named in the recall.

The three-in-one cables can be used to charge several versions of the iPhone, iPad mini/iPad4 and android phones. The 10-foot white cord has a USB plug on one end, while the opposite end features three different-sized plugs that fit varying devices. The individual cables come in a transparent sealed pouch that includes an outside label printed with “Item NO. USB29B.”

The charging cable recall is the latest in a series of safety issues related to tech items in 2014. In April, nearly 100,000 mobile phone chargers sold at retailer Five Below were recalled after complaints of melted parts, leaking batteries and fire. Then in July, industry supplier Jetline (asi/63344) recalled about 31,000 mobile power adapters because of a possibility they could overheat.

“We are committed to ensuring that all of our items meet and exceed all compliance requirements currently,” Teresa Fang, Jetline’s director of product and supply chain operations, told Counselor following the recall. “Additionally, we have retained third party auditors to evaluate our internal testing procedures and are perpetually focused on implementing improved practices both domestically and abroad.”

Tectron sells a variety of promotional and consumer items, from blankets to electronics to stationery. According to its website, the firm has at least temporarily stopped selling all USB cables in the wake of last week’s recall. Meanwhile, all of the recalled cables should be returned to Tectron for a refund.