Napa Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

To Go Into Effect Jan 1, 2015

Napa Plastic Bag BanCity councilors in Napa, CA, have voted to prohibit local retailers from distributing single-use plastic bags at checkout, beginning in January of next year. The decision to enact a ban – which will affect grocers, convenience shops, liquor stores and even clothiers – followed a 90-minute public hearing on Tuesday.

While officials will begin enforcing the new law on January 1, Napa will transition to the ban by letting retailers charge 10 cents per paper bag this year. As with plastic bag bans in other cities, Napa will provide exemptions. Dry cleaners will still be able to protect clothes and restaurants can wrap food – both with plastic bags. Newspapers and prescription drugs can be packaged in plastic bags, as well, officials say. Additionally, Napa residents who are receiving financial support can receive free paper bags or reusable bags.

According to state agency CalRecycle, people in the city of Napa discard about 27 million plastic bags each year. Within California alone, leaders in more than 100 communities – including San Francisco, San Jose and Long Beach – have passed ordinances outlawing single-use plastic bags. Leaders have encouraged residents to shop with reusable totes.