Vernon Adds Co-CEO To Title

Effective July 1

The Vernon CompanyCounselor Top 40 distributor The Vernon Company (asi/351700) has announced that Chris Vernon, the firm’s president & COO, has been promoted to president & co-CEO, effective July 1, 2014. Bill Vernon will continue as the company’s chairman and serve as co-CEO. “This is another step in our orderly succession planning and leadership transition process that has been occurring the past several decades,” said Bill Vernon.

A perennial member of the Counselor Power 50 list, Chris Vernon started his professional career at Harris/Lanier Corporation after graduating from Lake Forest Academy and Northwestern University. In 1987, he joined Vernon and was appointed as president and COO in 1999. Bill Vernon, meanwhile, has been chairman and CEO of the three-generation family company since 1974.

“Chris has proven himself as an effective leader during good and tough business cycles,” Bill Vernon said. “He has also built an outstanding executive and administrative team which we are very proud of.”