Companies Increase Use Of Digital Marketing

One-Third Of Firms Actively Use Digital Products For Sales

Social NetworkingWhen it comes to social media and small-business marketing, Facebook leads the pack. That’s according to a new survey that also revealed nearly a third of firms actively use digital products – like websites and social media – to help grow sales.

The study from Webs, a subsidiary of Vistaprint, revealed that 88% of business owners with social profiles list Facebook as the leading social media channel they use for marketing. The top three reasons businesses utilize Facebook are to gain customers, build a network of followers and create brand awareness. Overall, 46% of the 2,300 owners surveyed either have a social profile or plan to create one for their company. “The adoption rate of social media platforms among small businesses is accelerating as they look to create brand awareness and engagement with their customers quickly and cost effectively,” said Scott Bowen, vice president and general manager at Webs.

At A&P Master Images (asi/702505), Owner Howard Potter and his team use Facebook to showcase decorated apparel and hard good products they’ve provided for clients and to interact with and promote to customers. The page is also a place for giving insights into the operations and people that power the Utica, NY-based company. All of that helps build the A&P brand. Boasting about 2,700 “Likes,” the page has been effective in helping the company gain new customers and generate more business from existing clients. “It naturally feeds growth,” said Potter.

Meanwhile, the Webs survey found 63% of small-business owners use digital products as all or part of their marketing strategy. Some 61% have, or plan to have, a website, online store or mobile site. About 60% of companies with websites created the online destination using “do-it-yourself” tools, and 80% serve as their own webmasters. Generating leads, showcasing products and services, and providing basic information about the company are the top reasons owners say they have a website.