Obituary: Werner Levy, Compass Industries

He Was 78

Obituary: Werner LevyWerner Levy, president of supplier firm Compass Industries (asi/46170), passed away last month. He was 78.

Levy was the head of New York-based Compass, which was founded more than 70 years ago and is a supplier of products from brand names such as Maglite, Leatherman, Thermos, and Victorinox. The company is in its third generation of family leadership, and was the winner of Counselor’s Family Business of the Year award in 2003.

“Everyone knows Compass is a family business and everyone who knew my father thought he was the nicest guy,” Michael Levy, Werner’s son and vice president of Compass, told Counselor. “I learned from him, and I feel that we have taken his teachings and use it on how we run Compass today.”

Levy was the husband of Gabriele (Gaby); father of Vivian and Ron, Michael and Rosalia; grandfather of Jeffrey, Jason, Andrea, Alexandra and Paul; brother of Frank; and brother-in-law to Susie, Steve and Elyse.